Product Specialist / Manager (Games) – NSOFT zapošljava!

Product Specialist / Manager (Games) – NSOFT zapošljava!

Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Product Specialist / Manager (Games)

Product Specialist / Manager (Games)

Our success story is not something that happened by chance. A combination of global products, great, passionate people, and specific culture played a key role in our growth. NSoft’s core business is creating products for the entertainment industry, and we have a lot of fun in the process, but the well-being of NSofters and the success of our partners is the number 1 goal for us.

There are multiple reasons why employees choose NSoft. Career development and senior expert colleagues are certainly the most important ones. Business and partner opportunities are coming on a daily basis so they want to be part of the world wide team that Sportradar stands and supports. Learning is a process and it is ok to make mistakes, as long as you learn from them. We, as a company, have been there. Time and effort that is invested in people can’t be paid. Salary is tailored according to your skill and knowledge.


Work with all sorts of managers. 🙂 From Managing Director, Development Manager to the platform team to prioritize the backlog, set vital quality metrics, process adherence, and align s/w dependencies with other product areas./

Develop and maintain an extensive working knowledge of NSoft Virtual games software solutions. It may take more than one – two demo spins to get a hang of it.

Define product and functional requirements based on customer and partner requirements. Product manager is not a genie, so it is important to balance out requirements with available resources.

Conduct in-depth product demonstrations and presentations. More details equals less follow-ups.

Support sales team in responding to complex requests for proposals.

Work with Development teams to assure a smooth transition from pre-sales to the post-sales implementation environment. Key benefit we mention to new developers coming to NSoft is no direct client contact and we would love to keep that one.

Educate and advise clients on how existing and new product features and functionality work and how they can contribute to their business and operational objectives.

Connect and coordinate with additional NSoft teams (product development, development, sales, executive leadership, etc.) when deemed necessary for the customer’s long-term success.

Ensure productivity tools are correctly used and efficiency metrics are met.


A minimum of 2-4 years of experience in project/product management, working in complex application s/w delivery contexts./

Ability to match client’s business requirements with product capabilities.

Excellent interpersonal skills that build positive relationships with other team members. We realize it sounds like a cliche – but good quality relations ensure a smoother process.

Possesses strong analytical and troubleshooting skills (detail-oriented).

Ability to collaborate with multiple groups toward accomplishing a task.

Enthusiastic, self-starter with a charismatic personality. Something like – Dalai Lama meeting Sheldon Cooper.

Strong customer-facing and relationship-building skills.

Strong listening and question-based selling skills.

Experience in some of the following tools: (Issue Tracking Tools (e.g., Zendesk, JIRA, Service Now); Collaboration Tools (e.g.Confluence, Trello, Phabricator); Communication Tools (e.g., Slack, Zoom, Skype).

Why do NSofters stay? 5 is more than just a number.

According to the global employee tenure data, the average number of years an employee spends in a tech company is 1.9, but our average is 4.8 years. We are aware that employees come and go, nothing is forever in business, but we are immensely proud of having over 100 employees who are here for more than 5 years.

What is our secret? Since day one, we have been focused on creating an ideal work environment, and it is not a destination, it’s a journey. We learn every day what is truly important for our employees, and at the moment, this is what work at NSoft looks like:

You can start working anytime from 7:00 until 10:00, it’s totally up to you.

If you work remotely for us, we provide additional equipment for your home office.

Although our workflow is a hybrid combination of on-site and remote work, we offer full remote for senior developers.

We take care of your kids’ future through NSoft Junior Academy – specialized STEM educational workshops.

You probably read a lot that we are not a family, but we support your family getting bigger through various perks. Besides 1-year-long maternity leave, every father gets 10-day additional paid leave. The equal number of days is for your wedding and HoneyMoon as well.

Employee feedback is at the highest shelf for us, which is why we constantly collect data through 1-on-1 talks and via Orgnostic, our employee data analytics platform.

Having dozens of products requires continuous education and growing daily, which is why we have developed custom-made Career, Leadership, Technical, and various Soft Skills workshops for NSofters.

As we said, there is a 99.9% chance that at least one NSofter can help you out with anything. Reaching out will be easier with a business phone number and enough gigabytes to watch all seasons of Game of Thrones.

At NSoft, we value the benefits of remote work, but our team works best when we’re together on-site. Therefore, while remote work is an option, we prioritize in-person collaboration to ensure we’re delivering our best work and building a strong team culture.

We are building a company where you can hopefully find an alignment in purpose, career growth and community belonging. It’s big. It’s challenging. It’s awesome. And most importantly, it works.

We are a team of 320, and we keep counting. It means hundreds of stories to tell – about NSofters, about our successes and our failures, about daily office dynamics and atmosphere. It is all in here.

Want to join? Feel free to apply. We are excited to hear from you!

If you still have some doubts, please do not hesitate to ask us anything through the application form, our social media channels or at: Pogledajte adresu e-pošte na

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